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1 Name: Anonymous 2019-09-12 09:26
Friendly greetings from https://spacechan.xyz/b/
2 Name: Anonymous 2020-02-19 03:49
Hello spacechan.xyz

Friendly greetings from https://msgbored.rvklein.ca
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1 Name: admin 2019-12-25 06:02
holy shit guys i forgot this place existed for like a year
does anyone even still go here? should i shut it down? should i upload the archive somewhere? should i delete it all out of shame?
2 Name: Anonymous 2020-02-08 19:56
Nice try fake admin
3 Name: admin 2020-02-09 16:51
well the domain is coming to a end soon
so its time to shut down find some place new!
4 Name: Anonymous 2020-02-11 06:42
What are you doing? Where is the goatfinger.ga domain?
5 Name: admin 2020-02-11 20:43
Where is the goatfinger.ga domain?
Sold the domain to tablecat who closed it down.
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Are colored people more violent?

1 Name: Anonymous 2020-02-09 16:47
Why are black people so violent and heartless?


Reading this post rings true, god this world is quickly turning into a hell hole.

What can be done to stop this?
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brown man’s burden

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-10-20 16:46
Pile on the brown man’s burden
To gratify your greed;
Go, clear away the ‘niggers’
Who progress would impede;
Be very stern, for truly

And, if ye rouse his hate,
Meet his old-fashioned reasons
With Maxims up to date.
With shells and dumdum bullets
A hundred times made plain
The brown man’s loss must ever
Imply the white man’s gain.

Pile on the brown man’s burden,

(Post truncated)
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I decided to explore the "dark web".

1 Name: progrider@conference.jabber.ccc.de 2019-03-30 13:53
Hey goats, I'm moderately freaked out right now. I decided to explore the "dark web" everyone was going on about because I've always been pretty curious about it, as I'm sure many others have. Well I get on one of the recommended search engines and just enter "porn" because lel what better place to start right.

Bit mistake. The first page I clicked on was CP, and lots of it. I backspaced like fuck but I'm still kinda nervous. I read online that while browsing other illegal sites for stuff like guns or narcotics wasn't a crime unless you bought something, clicking on a CP site is automatically breaking the law because if you can see it, your browser downloaded it.

What's gonna happen? Nothing? Am I fucked? I know the FBI and such set up honeypots on those sites to catch pedos. Am I gonna be in some mass arrest on the news in a year?

inb4 the party van is starting now, prep your anus
I was an idiot but I'm not a retard. Not even the FBI works that fast.


2 Name: Anonymous 2019-05-11 15:43
Are you using this place as your personal copy paste board?
3 Name: Anonymous 2019-09-11 10:56
Yes Tinychan.
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HAPPY 9/11

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-09-11 09:35
Burn white crackers burn.
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1 Name: Anonymous 2019-08-25 14:23
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Is this kufr?

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-08-24 16:10
Selam. I need you to reply this question as if it doesn't contain a single mistake or unclarity in its description. If someone makes the intention of imagining the sentence < The almighty has a child> and he imagines that sentence as if he is seeing it in a book or letter. He imagines that sentence word by word. He doesn't imagine sounds or voices. He simply imagines that sentence. Level of sin? The only intention he has is imagining that sentence. < Yzeir is the son of God> Idols are intermediatery to God > In other words imagining those blasphemous sayings in the manner I described above.
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1 Name: Anonymous 2019-06-11 18:37
could there one day a black person be born whose skin is so dark that not even light can escape it
2 Name: jimmy 2019-08-03 19:49
3 Name: Anonymous 2019-08-04 13:40
4 Name: Anonymous 2019-08-09 00:42
Yes, it is foretold that He will be the one to bring about the end of the Kali Yuga.
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How do I know this is the real goatfinger?

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-07-10 13:53
How do I know Admin-kun isn't an imposter?
2 Name: Anonymous 2019-07-19 09:33
He's an imposter, the original Admin is in custody.
3 Name: Anonymous 2019-08-04 13:42
1. real goatfinger works for fbi

2. fake goatfinger works for the nsa

3. both chinese spammer
4 Name: Anonymous 2019-08-09 00:40
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